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AXIS I End of Pivot Sprinkler


Upright Style


End of Pivot Sprinkler

(Includes nozzle)

AXIS-I-P Axis-I Sprinkler W/Purple Nozzle
AXIS-I-R Axis-I Sprinkler W/Red Nozzle
AXIS-I-Y Axis-I Sprinkler W/Yellow Nozzle
AXIS-I-G Axis-I Sprinkler W/Green Nozzle
AXIS-I-B Axis-I Sprinkler W/Blue Nozzle

AXIS-I Replacement Nozzle

NOZAX-P Purple Nozzle Only
NOZAX-R Red Nozzle Only
NOZAX-Y Yellow Nozzle Only
NOZAX-G Green Nozzle Only
NOZAX-B Blue Nozzle Only

Aqua Burst

Viscous™ Technology

  • First ‘In the Turbine’ viscous bearing sprinkler
  • Double pin nozzle
  • 15 to 40 psi working pressure
  • Use in conjunction with X100 End Gun sprinkler for added acreage and improved coverage
  • Large range of nozzle sizes from 18 gpm to 84 gpm
  • 1 1/4” npt base
  • Use in conjunction with Seal-Matic®
    1 1/4” valve
  • Built in the USA

Preliminary Performance (US Units)

Radius – GPM

Operating Pressure Must be 15 psi (min) to 40 psi (max). 

This performance chart does not represent droplet, conditions, uniformity, application rate or suitability of the applications made herein.

Poor hydraulic entrance conditions reduce performance.

Aqua Burst® sprinklers are only guaranteed to function optimally with nozzle sizes and pressure from each individual model’s performance chart.