About Us

Irrigation Innovation Through Design, Engineering and Experience


Who We Are

XCAD USA is a committed leader in the irrigation industry.  We proudly supply our customers with a superior product that is crafted with integrity and excellence. Our mission is to bring innovation to the irrigation industry through design, engineering and experience.

What We Do

For nearly 25 years, XCAD USA has been devoted to building lasting relationships with our customers. Those relationships have allowed our business to grow and have provided us with the privilege to utilize and conserve one of the world’s greatest resources: water.


At XCAD USA we are invested in our people, our state, our country and the world.  Not only do we provide world-class irrigation products for agricultural and industrial applications, we support communities and help grow economies.

Our Team

All XCAD USA irrigation products are designed by our engineering team in Rupert, Idaho. We are proud to invest in the people that build our products and the communities that they live in. Our company reflects the exemplary values of our customers, our employees, and our great state. We continue to serve local communities throughout the USA and the world with our innovative products and our commitment to excellence. We are the better choice.

Cytox India Private Limited, registered in Delhi, India, is a division of XCAD USA.  was formed to further expand opportunities in irrigation part engineering, design and quality control.

Cytox’s Indian and US team members are working together to enhance XCAD USA’s commitment to top quality irrigation components and global services.

Both Indian and US team members strive towards Irrigation Innovation Through Design, Engineering, and Experience.