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3/4″ Full-Circle Brass Impact Sprinkler



  • Full-circle impact – 26° trajectory
  • 3/4″ male NPT base
  • Single (HF30) or dual nozzle (HF30D)
  • Fits 3/4″ series nozzle (NOZ75 series)
HF30 single
HF30D dual


  • Cast brass drive arm with I-Beam construction and
    Torque-DrivenTM spoon technology with improved balance,
    rotation speed and durability
  • Cast brass body with triple bridge construction and cored
    water passage
  • Seal-Lock bearing creates a captive seal
  • Spindle with debris journal to slow bearing wear
  • Stainless-steel fulcrum pin, arm spring, and bearing spring
    for long wearing reliability
  • Ideal for hand line, wheel line, solid set, and a wide-range
    of other applications
  • Made with domestic and foreign parts
  • Preassembled with XC-33 thread sealant
  • Sprinkler head does not include nozzle