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Pressure Control Pilot


XCAD Pressure Control Pilot

P-6000 Series

Pressure Control Pilot
P-6000-H High: 30-120 psi
P-6000-M Medium: 30-60 psi
P-6000-L Low: 10-40 psi
Includes vent and fittings


Manual Pressure Reduction Kit
P6MPR-H High: 30-120 psi
P6MPR-M Medium: 30-60 psi
P6MPR-L Low: 10-40 psi
Includes pilot and fittings


Electric On-Off Pressure Reduction Kit
P6EPR-H High: 30-120 psi
P6EPR-M Medium: 30-60 psi
P6EPR-L Low: 10-40 psi
Includes pilot, solenoid, 3-way selector
and fittings


Manual Pressure Sustaining/Relief Kit
P6MPS-H High: 30-120 psi
P6MPS-M Medium: 30-60 psi
P6MPS-L Low: 10-40 psi
Includes pilot and fittings



  • Maintenance free stainless-steel control springs (No greasing required)
  • Calibrated pressure control (low and high)
  • Both sustaining/relief and reducing function
  • No pressure drop required to regulate
  • Easy valve mounting bracket
  • Universal design works with most control valves